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We are a coal mining company headquartered in South Kalimantan, with representative office in Jakarta looking for:


  • Male/ female
  • Candidates must possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Studies/ Administration/ Management, Human Resource Management, Psychology, Law or equivalent
  • More than 3 years of experiences in HRD, mining & industrial relation
  • Experience at the senior HR managerial level with a reputable medium to large company
  • Familiar with HR training modules, schedule and process
  • Proactive, good adaptability, good communication, problem solver, good personality, independent, good timing management and able to work under pressure
  • Proficiency in English language, written and oral
  • Must be proficiency in Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel & Power Point)
  • Willing to travel on weekly basis


  • Having min. 5 years in Geological (Coal mining exploration)
  • Software literate such as AutoCad, Surpac, Minescape, Archgis/ Map Info
  • Applicants must be willing to work in Central Kalimantan

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Kami perusahaan pertambangan biji besi dan mineral lain dalam rangka memenuhi kebutuhan SDM, membutuhkan tenaga kerja handal untuk posisi sebagai berikut:



  1. Min. S1 Geologist
  2. Pria, Usia maks 45 tahun
  3. Pengalaman min. 2 tahun di pertambangan (prioritas)
  4. Bisa soft ware (Autocad, ARCGIS), Bisa berbahasa Inggris
  5. Bersedia ditempatkan di luar pulau jawa



  1. Min. S1 Hukum/ Psikologi
  2. Pria, Usia maks 45 tahun
  3. Pengalaman min. 5 tahun
  4. Pernah menangani HRD di tambang lebih diprioritaskan
  5. Mengerti aturan (ketenagakerjaan, Jamsostek, pembuatan SOP)
  6. Bersedia ditempatkan di luar pulau jawa



  1. Min. D3, Mempunyai sertifikat K3
  2. Pria, Usia maks 45 tahun
  3. Pengalaman min. 2 – 3 tahun
  4. Memahami kebijakan keamanan (prosedur, regulasi pertambangan)
  5. Bersedia ditempatkan di luar pulau jawa

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PT. Gama Group is one of Indonesia’s growing companies which focus on Cement Industry. We would like to welcome the best candidates to join our company as follows:

Experience Applicants


  1. Quarry Development Manager (QDM)
  2. Electrical Project Manager (EPM)
  3. Mechanical Project Manager (MPM)
  4. Civil Project Manager (CPM)
  5. Production Manager (PM)
  6. Packing & Dispatch Manager (PDM)
  7. Quality Control Manager (QCM)
  8. Geologist (GEO)
  9. Mining Engineer (MINE)
  10. Civil Engineer (CE)
  11. Process Engineer (PE)
  12. Quality Control Superintendent (QCS)
  13. Project Office Staff (POS)

Non Technical

  1. Logistic Senior Manager (LSM)
  2. Finance & Accounting Senior Manager (FASM)
  3. Administration Senior Manager (ASM)
  4. Safety & Environment Manager (SEM)
  5. General Affair Manager (GAM)
  6. Communication Relation Manager (CRM)
  7. Legal Manager (LM)
  8. Safety Superintendent (SS)
  9. Environment Superintendent (ES)
  10. Finance Superintendent (FS)
  11. Accounting Superintendent (AS)

General Qualification:

  1. Minimum Bachelor Degree from relevant major to each of position.
  2. Experiences required min. 5 years (Senior & Managerial); 3 years (Engineer, Superintendent and Staff) in the same position.
  3. Possess relevant technical competency
  4. Strong drive, result achievement and team player
  5. Excellent communication skill in English (written and spoken)
  6. Project Management skill is a plus

Please submit your application and resume no later than December 17, 2011 (for experienced only) to:

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Klien kami, perusahaan Nasional yang bergerak dibidang energi panas bumi membuka kesempatan berkarir bagi lulusan terbaik S2, S1 dan D3 berpengalaman:


Strata-2 (S2)

  1. Teknik Geologi (S2GL)
  2. Teknik Geofisika (S2GF)
  3. Teknik Geodesi (S2GD)
  4. Teknik Informatika (S2 TINF)
  5. Teknik Industri (S2TI)
  6. Ekonomi / Bisnis Manajemen (S2EBM)

Strata-1 (S1)

  1. Teknik Geologi (S1GL)
  2. Teknik Geodesi (S1GD)
  3. Teknik Informatika (S1TINF)
  4. Teknik Elektro (S1TE)
  5. Teknik Industri (S1TI)
  6. Teknik Sipil (S1TS)
  7. Teknik Mesin (S1TM)
  8. Teknik Perminyakan (S1TP)
  9. K3LL (Kesehatan Masyarakat / Teknik Lingkungan) (S1K3LL)
  10. Ekonomi / Bisnis Manajemen (S1EBM)
  11. Hukum (S1HK)

Diploma-3 (D3)

Teknik Informatika (D3TINF)


  1. Usia maksimal 40 tahun (pelamar S2), 30 tahun (pelamar S1) dan 27 tahun (pelamar D3)
  2. Mampu berbahasa Inggris, lisan maupun tulisan
  3. Bersedia ditempatkan di Jawa Barat, Sulawesi Utara, Sumatera Utara dan Lampung.
  4. Berbadan sehat


  1. S2 Teknik Geologi, Teknik Geofisika, Teknik Geodesi dan Teknik Industri berpengalaman 7 tahun dibidang oil & gas
  2. S2 Teknik Informatika berpengalaman 7 tahun dibidang IT & Data di bidang oil & Gas
  3. S2 Ekonomi/Bsinis Manajemen berpengalaman 7 tahun dibidang keuangan / portfolio bisnis dibidang oil & gas
  4. S1 Teknik Geologi, Teknik Geodesi, Teknik Perminyakan dan Teknik Industri berpengalaman 5 tahun dibidang oil & gas
  5. S1 Teknik Informatika berpengalaman 5 tahun dibidang IT & data dibidang oil & gas
  6. S1 Ekonomi/Bisnis Manajemen berpengalaman 5 tahun dibidang keuangan / portfolio bisnis dibidang oil & gas
  7. S1 K3LL berpengalaman 5 tahun dibidang HSE dan manajemen mutu industri oil & gas
  8. S1 Hukum berpengalaman 5 tahun sebagai legal officer di industri oil & gas
  9. S1 Teknik Sipil berpengalaman 5 tahun dibidang oil & gas, diutamakan berpengalaman dalam bidang fasilitas produksi
  10. S1 Teknik Mesin berpengalaman 5 tahun dibidang oil & gas diutamakan berpengalaman dibidang operasi dan produksi (production engineering) geothermal
  11. S1 Teknik Elektro berpengalaman 5 tahun dibidang oil & gas, diutamakan berpengalaman dalam operasi power plant
  12. D3 Teknik Informatika berpengalaman 3 tahun dibidang IT & data dibidang oil & gas

Kunjungi website dibawah untuk melamar sesuai kualifikasi pendidikan.

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Expression of Interest Fresh Graduate Program.

The Company is seeking 4 (four) Fresh Graduates from all universities in Indonesia, focusing on:

  1. Environmental Science (ES)
  2. Geology (Geo)
  3. Mining Engineer (ME)
  4. Metallurgy (Met)


  1. Min. GPA (IPK): 3,00
  2. Preference shall be given to 2010 or 2011 Graduates
  3. Seccessfully passed the qualification test
  4. English proficiency and computer literate is a must
  5. Committed to implement the 5 Principles of the Newcrest Values i.e. “Work Together, Care about People, Honesty and integrity, Innovation & Problem Solving, High Performance”

Interested qualified candidates, please send your updates resume and latest photo:

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Atlas Resources, one of the Indonesia’s mining company, is set for further growth and change with the development of our Business in several areas. This, coupled with the continued development of our projects. We have a very exciting work place in which to grow such:

  1. Site Manager / KTT
  2. Project Evaluator
  3. Sr. Mine Design Engineer
  4. Sr. Mine Engineer
  5. Sr. Mechanical Engineer
  6. Mine Reporting
  7. Mine Geologist
  8. Geotech Engineer
  9. HSE Supervisor
  10. Cost Control Supervisor
  11. Learning & Dev. Specialist
  12. Recruitment Officer
  13. Paramedics

General Requirement:

  1. Having related education background with good level in related technical competencies
  2. Having POU Certificate (1); POP (2-8); OHSAS & ISO 14000 (9); Training for Trainers (11); Hyperkes & BTCLS (13)
  3. Excellence with mining software (Micescape, Xpac) (2-4); good knowledge about the design & construction of coal handling plant, mine infrastructure and software for coal handling calculation (5); Good knowledge in Coal Processing and Coal Quality (7); Experiences to manage budgeting and Cost Control (10); Excellence as Trainer for Management Tropics and having experience to develop Training Management System (11).
  4. Having min. 1 year experience at the same position in mining company
  5. Willing to be based at East Kalimantan / South Sumatera Area (1,4,7,9,10,13)

Your application will be treated confidentially and only short listed candidates will be followed up. Please send your detail CV and supporting document to:

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As one of the leading assets in Pertamina, we are currently seeking professionals to join us and share us our values – the unwavering commitment to deliver improved quality and reliability. The vacant position are:

  1. Operation Geologist (OG)
  2. Exploration Geologist (EG)
  3. Exploration Geophysicist (EGP)
  4. Seismic Processing Analyst (SPA)
  5. Contract Engineer (CE)
  6. Sr. Construction Engineer (SCE)
  7. Shorebase Supervisor (SBS)
  8. Inventory Analyst (IA)
  9. Supply Chain Market Assessment Specialist (MAS)

Applicants should at least have graduated from related disciplines, with qualification:

  1. 5-8 years experience in: well site offshore and geological operations (position 1), Exploration and production (position 2), seismic data processing (position 3-4) and warehouse/logistic operation and material write-off (position 7), procurement and supply chain management in oil and gas industry (position 9).
  2. 8-10 years expereince in Material / logistic operation in oil & gas Industry (position 8); and
  3. 10-15 years experience in: Contract project (position 5) and construction, fabrication and instalation offshore facilities (position 6)

Forward your complete resume and recent photograph with interested position in your email addressed to:

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PT. Lamindo Inter Multikon (Adani Group India), Perusahaan pertambangan batubara yang mengaplikasi tekhnologi High Speed Continous Miner dari Joy Amerika untuk Tambang Terbuka di Kabupaten Bulungan Provinsi Kaltim, Mengajak anda yang menyukai tantangan dalam kerja dan karier untk mengisi posisi-posisi yang menjanjikan karier anda di masa depan sebagai:

Mining Supervisors (6 orang) – Kode: MINING-SUP

  1. Pendidikan S1 Jurusan Teknik Pertambangan atau Teknik Geologi
  2. Memahami operasi pertambangan batubara dan berpengalaman sebagai Supervisor/pit-bos
  3. Mampu mengatur penempatan, cycle time, dan disiplin karyawan, serta menjaga efisiensi exavator, unutk mencapai target produktifitas harian
  4. Mempunyai pengetahuan tentang prosedur  K3

Heavy Equipment Maintenance Engineer (4 orang) – Kode: HE-ENG

  1. Pendidikan D3/S1 Jurusan Teknik Mesin
  2. Pengalaman dalam Overhoul Engine & Component
  3. Memahami sistem Administrasi Peralatan & Gudang Sparepart
  4. Diutamakan yang berpengalaman dalam perencanaan dan pengawasan pemeliharaan serta trouble shooting alat berat ditambang batubara seperti exavator doosan/hyundai, dumtruck Mercedes/volvo, diser shantui

Engine Room In Charge (3 orang) – Kode: ELECT-ENG

  1. Pendidikan S1 Jurusan Teknik Mesin/Elektro
  2. Berpengalaman mengperasikan Diesel-Generator Set secara individual maupun dengan sinkronasi untuk menjaga efisiensi
  3. Berpengalaman merencanakan/ melakukan perawatan, overhouling dan trouble shooting DG-set Note: DG-set terdiri dari 5 x 125 KVA, 12 x 500 KVA di level 400 Volt dan 2 x 1.5 MW di level 3300 Volt stepped down ke 1050 Volt

Electrical Engineer (3 orang) – Kode: ELECT-ENG

  1. Pendidikan S1 Jurusan Teknik Elektro
  2. Memahami spesifikasi dan gambar teknik listrik / mekanik
  3. Berpengalaman dalam instalasi, maintenance dan trouble shooting sistem elektrikal / mekanikal seperti PPC, MCC, lighting, motor, inverter dan lainnya termasuk sistem kontrol.
  4. Menguasai sistem hardware/software PLC (Schneider) lebih diutamakan.

Mechanical Engineer (3 orang) Kode: MECH-ENG

  1. Pendidikan S1 Jurusan Teknik Mesin
  2. Berpengalaman dalam instalasi, preventif dan prediktif maintenance serta trouble shooting untuk peralatan tambang batubara seperti: crusher, conveyor, gear box, fluid couplings, clam shells dan peralatan lainnya.

HR Staff in Various Levels (5 orang) – Kode: HR-STAFF

  1. Pendidikan S1 Hukum/Psikologi/Management dari universitas terkemuka
  2. Berpengalaman dibidang kepersonaliaan dan administrasi ketenaga-kerjaan
  3. Pekerja keras, dewasa, kepemimpinan yang baik, keterampilan negosiasi, percaya diri, menyenangkan, jujur, cepat belajar dan berorientasi pada detail.

Geologist (2 orang) – Kode: GEOLOGIST

  1. Pendidikan S1 Jurusan Teknik Geologi
  2. Menguasau komputer dan software mine plan seperti: minescape, minex dan surpac

Kepala Teknik Tambang (KTT)

  1. Pendidikan S1 Geologi / Pertambangan
  2. Mempunyai sertifikat POM/POU
  3. Memahami peraturan perundang-undangan bidang pertambangan batubara dan berorientasi taat kepada peraturan perundang-undangan, termasuk peraturan perundang-undangan lain yang terkait.
  4. Memiliki pemahaman yang baik dalam prosedur perencanaan dan kegiatan tambang.
  5. Pekerja keras, dewasa, kepemimpinan yang baik, keterampilan negosiasi, percaya diri, baik analitis, menyenangkan, jujur, cepat belajar dan berorientasi pada detail.
  6. Menguasai software bidang pertambangan atau geologi.

Persyaratan Umum:

  1. Pria, usia maksimal 35 tahun, kecuali KTT dan HE-ENG, maksimal 40 tahun
  2. Berpengalaman minimum 3-5 tahun dalam posisi yang sama, kecuali untuk Port Officer 5-7 tahun
  3. Bekerja dengan komputer (minimal menguasai microsoft office)
  4. Dapat berbahasa Inggris baik lisan atau tulisan akan diutamakan
  5. Mempunyai kesehatan yang baik dan mampu bekerja dalam tekanan dengan hasil yang baik
  6. Memahami peraturan perundang-undangan bidang pertambangan batubara akan diutamakan
  7. Berkemampuan analisis dan memberikan solusi, mampu mempresentasikan analisis dan solusinya untuk GEOLOGIST
  8. Bersedia ditempatkan di lokasi terpencil di seluruh Indonesia dengan sistem 10 minggu kerja 2 minggu off, yang tidak memenuhi atau mnyanggupi syarat agar tidak melamar.

Mohon tuliskan kode jabatan yang dilamar pada subject e-mail. Lamaran ditujukan kepada:

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Harita Group is a diversified enterprise involved in Mining & Mineral, Oil Palm Plantations, Wood & Wood-based manufacturing, and shipping/logistics businesses. In line with our growth, our Mining & Mineral Division is seeking self-motivated and high caliber individuals to fill the following positions:

Based in various site (In Maluku)

  1. Operational General Manager (OMG)
  2. Exploration Manager (EM)
  3. Kepala Teknik Tambang (KTT)
  4. Site Manager (SM)
  5. Plant Manager (PM)
  6. HSE Manager / Superintendent / Supervisor (HSE)
  7. Mining Production Superintendent  / Supervisor (MP)
  8. Logistic Manager / Superintendent / Supervisor (LOG)
  9. Purchasing Superintendent / Supervisor (PRC)
  10. Shipping Superintendent (SHIP)
  11. Environment Superintendent / Supervisor (ENVIRO)
  12. HRD & GA Manager / Superintendent / Supervisor (HRDGA)
  13. Industrial Doctor (DOC)
  14. Accounting Supervisor (ACC)
  15. Loading Master (LM)
  16. Master Marine (MM)
  17. Port Captain (PC)
  18. EDP Supervisor (EDP)
  19. Driller & Assistant Driller (DRILL)
  20. CSR / Community Development Supervisor (CSR)
  21. Analyst Supervisor (AS)
  22. Geologist (GEO)
  23. Grade Control (GC)
  24. Mine Planning Engineer (MPE)
  25. Heavy Equipment Maintenance Supervisor / Foreman (HEM)
  26. Head of Representative (HOR)
  27. Mine Road Construction Supervisor (MRC)
  28. Surveyor (SVY)

Based in Jakarta

  1. HRD & GA Superintendent / Supervisor (HRDGA)
  2. Logistic Manager / Superintendent (LOG)
  3. Export-Import Supervisor (EXIM)
  4. Secretary Director (SD)
  5. IT Programmer / Support (IT)

General Requirement:

  1. Minimum 3 years experience in mining industry in the same position.
  2. Willing to be placed in North Maluku, Halmahera Islan, with rotation schedule.
  3. Fluent in Mandarin / Hokian is a must for Export Import & Secretary Director.

If you have the attributes to meet the above challenging opportunities, please forward your application with complete CV and photocopy of your most recent photograph by email before 7th Mei 2011 to:

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A fast growing Coal Mining Company ia in immediately need for highly qualified & motivated professionals to fill the following vacant positions:


  1. S1 degree in Geology
  2. Maximal 35 years old
  3. At least 5 years experience

HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) / K3 Officer (Code: HSE)

  1. D3 Degree in mine
  2. Maximal 35 years old
  3. At least 3 years experience in Coal Company
  4. Preferable having K3 certificate

General Requirement are as follow:

  1. All position based in South Kalimantan
  2. Strong skill in Office and Mining Application
  3. Hard working, honest, self motivated, good personality, organization skills, able to work under pressure, independently or in team.

Suitable candidates will be contacted for interview. Send a complete application letter with recent photograph and detailed CV within 1 week and please put the code at the right side the envelope to:

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